Form Layout Tab in DB-Toolkit


Form Builder Element Buttons: These buttons control certain aspecs of how the form looks. they are

Sync Fields: Fetch fields for the table and place them in the Available Fields Holder Box
Insert Row: Creates a new Row at the bottom of the row list
Add Section Break: Adds a section Break Field Element. These are useful for grouping fields on large forms
Add Tab: Makes parts of the form into a tabbed form (Experimental)

Width of Dialog Box: this is the pixel with of the dialog that holds the form. (only used in report/add new combination)

Dialog Modes: These are how the dialog box is handled. Modal sets the dialog to a modal type box and the Ajax form, sets the form to be handled via ajax so there’s no page reloads. (Experimental)

Disabled Notice: Lets you know if the form is running in default or not.

Columns: The columns where Fields can be dropped. an infinite number of columns can be added, however to many will really be a bad idea.

Row: The row in which Fields exist.

Row Editing Options: Rows are devided into columns. by default a row has 1 column. these options allows us to minipulate this. the options are:

Config: this sets the column widths in a ratio.
Add Column: Adds a new Column.
Remove Column: removes a column. Fields in the column move to the left.
Remove Row: Removes  the row. Must be empty.

Usable Fields Holder Box: Holds the fields that the form can use. Any fields left in here on save, are ignored.

Usable Fields: The fields that are dropped into columns. The X on to left of the field removes the field from the form and that field will be ignored.

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