Google Voice, Free phone number, unlimited US and Canada calling

How to get Google Voice with FREE US phone number? You can make unlimited US and Canada calling with Google Voice.

1. Google Voice is only available in US. You need VPN to get a US IP address.
2. Download a Free SIP phone so you can receive Google Voice verification and enter PIN.
3. Get a Free SIP number, Free SIP addresses to use SIP softphone.
4. To get a Google Voice free phone number, you need a local US phone number to answer the call that asks you to verify the PIN. (How to Get free local U.S. phone number?)
5. Now you can start the registration:

All calls from Google Voice to US and Canada are free, but you have to use computer to initial the call.

For Google Voice on ATA, please refer to How to setup Google Voice on ATA

How to config Google Voice on ATA

How to use Google Voice™ on your regular phone and make calls to the USA & Canada for FREE ?
The easiest way is to buy an OBi110 adaptor:

And it could be FREE if you already have a PAP2 ATA.

Try Google Voice-SIP gateway solution provided by Bill Simon.

After filling out the form, following the prompts, GV Gateway will test your account and then present SIP authentication and registration information that you will use to set up a SIP trunk to the gateway.

1. You need a Google Voice account (Get a Google Voice Free phone number, unlimited US and Canada calling)
2. You need to enter Google credentials during the registration. If you are not comfortable using your account on the gateway, you can set up dedicated Google accounts, not tied to your e-mail or other services, just for Google Voice.
3. If you have never made a call through Google Voice before, you must first log into Gmail chat with your account and initiate a call through the chat widget. Then log into Google Voice, go to your voice settings and select Google Chat as the destination for call forwarding.

Get a SIP Broker alias

A SIP Broker “alias”, is a SIP Broker “number” that starts with *011 (as dialed from SIP Broker) that is translated (by SIP Broker) into the full SIP URI (internet phone address) to reach your VoIP adapter. Essentially it is a “number” that is dialable (using JUST the normal keys on a phone) that can reach you by anyone using SIP Broker.

You have to already have a valid internet VoIP address that can ring your adapter, but the SIP Broker “alias” can make it easier for SIP Broker users (including users of the free SIP Broker PSTN inbound numbers) to easily dial your adapter.

Essentially it just gives you an easy “alias” for your existing VoIP adapter address.