Tails on a USB stick running on Virtualbox – Anonymous Internet

Tails is a live operating system. It aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity, and helps you to use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship.

Steps to install Tails on a USB stick running on Virtualbox:

1. Download the Tails ISO image. See Download, verify and install

2. Create Virtualbox VM to boot from Tails ISO. Login to Tails with admin password. See Administration password

3. Install Tails onto a USB stick or SD card. See Installing onto a USB stick or SD card
Note: Some USB sticks are configured by the manufacturer as a fixed disk, and not as a removable disk. As a consequence, they require removing the live-media=removable boot parameter. See Known issues

4. Create VIrtualbox VM to boot from USB Drive. See How to Boot From a USB Drive in VirtualBox

5. Boot Tails from USB with admin password. Create & configure the persistent volume. See Create & configure the persistent volume

Note: When Virtual Box runs directly on your hard drive, it creates a virtual hard drive that is uses as a temporary hard drive while Tails is running. Once Tails is closed, this virtual drive is deleted, but it’s not permanently deleted. As we know from the power of recovery tools, deleted files are easily recoverable with the right tools. Make sure you run Virtual Box and Tails from a USB drive or SD card.